Autism Identification Card

The Autism Society of AL is honored to be involved in the creation and implementation of the first state recognized Autism Identification Card in the US.

Autism Spectrum Disorder Identification Card

The Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH) is issuing Autism Spectrum Disorder Identification Cards. Upon the request of a person medically diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, or the guardian or caregiver of the person, ADPH will issue a certification card denoting that the person has been medically diagnosed with autism  spectrum disorder. Download, print and bring this Autism Spectrum Disorder Card Registration Form to any county health department along with a government issued identification card or document and $10 to receive a card.

Take the application to your County Health Department. The application must be signed by a health care provider, i.e., psychologist, pediatrician, family practice doctor, etc. to verify the diagnosis of autism. It is OK to go to a Health Department in another county. If you lose the card, you will need to return to the issuing County Health Department for replacement.

The following information may be helpful for the application process.

Autism ID card – Social Story

For adults who drive and are applying for the card–

Please take your government issued driver’s license when applying for the Autism ID Card.  The driver applying for the card must take the application in person to the County Health Department to receive the Autism ID Card.

For parents/caretakers applying for the card for children or adult family members with ASD–

Please take your child or adult family member and a government issued form of identification, i.e., birth certificate and/or social security card to the County Health Department.  The child or adult family member diagnosed with ASD must be present at the County Health Department to receive the Autism ID Card.


Please call your County Health Department or the Autism Society of Alabama

[email protected] or 205-383-1674 Bama Hager, Autism Society of AL