Safety Net Campaign



Safety Net Campaign for Wandering

Autism Society of Alabama’s Safety Net Campaign ensures that all Alabama counties have a protocol for persons with ASD who may wander, bolt or elope. Project Lifesaver is a rescue and recovery program for children and adults.  Project Lifesaver is free to families. Contact ASA for further information about Project Lifesaver.

  • Enrollees wear a small personal transmitter around the wrist or ankle
  • If wandering occurs, caregivers notify Project Lifesaver and an emergency team searches
  • Searches usually last minutes or hours instead of hours into days
  • Wristband or ankle bracelets are difficult to self remove and are waterproof

The majority of Alabama counties participate in Project Lifesaver.  Project Lifesaver can serve a family regardless of county enrollment. Families interested in Project Lifesaver for their loved one with ASD should contact ASA for further information about Project Lifesaver.

Project Lifesaver also provides a fee based at home tracking system, PAL and Freedom4Kids.  This system has a $46 per month monitoring cost. or 877-580-LIFE (5433).