Autism Friendly Alabama

The Purpose (Mission):

The purpose of this project is to improve services in the community for families affected by autism by:

  • Educating local businesses and organizations about autism
  •  Providing a mechanism for businesses/organizations to promote their awareness and autism friendly programs to families with autism
  •   Informing local businesses/organizations about the benefits of becoming “autism friendly”
These are the targets we want to meet:
  •  Develop training and testing material for businesses/organizations to increase autism awareness.
  •  Provide information to organizations on actions they can take to become autism friendly.
  •  Develop an autism aware/autism friendly directory
  •  Develop publicity campaign to promote this initiative
This is how our community will gain:
  •  Increased autism awareness throughout the state
  •  Increased opportunities for individuals and families affected by autism to interact with the community
  •   Partnership with local businesses and organization

The ultimate objective of this initiative is to increase community education and awareness of autism and to improve the number and quality of services available to families affected by autism in their community.

Interested in making your business autism friendly or know of a company that may have interest? Click here for information.