First Responder Training

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In collaboration with the Autism Society of AL, Dustin Chandler, co-founder of Interaction Advisory Group and a disability parent and former police officer, provides customized special needs awareness and First Responder Trainings to first responders as well as other public service officials, educators and private sector workers (hospitality professionals, etc.). in Alabama.

The Autism First Responder trainings are designed to educate individuals about the challenges associated with ASD that may impair communication between an individual with ASD and a first responder. Police officers, fire fighters and emergency medical technicians who are trained to interact with those with a diagnosis of ASD may avoid miscommunications, unnecessary detainments and injuries.

During interactions with first responders, the challenges of language processing speed and communication skills associated with ASD may at times appear to be noncompliance or oppositionality, when there is no intent for such behavior. First responder trainings for ASD decrease the likelihood of miscommunications that are a result of ASD features.

Please contact your neighborhood Police Department and Fire Department by both email and phone call and request that they invite Dustin Chandler to your area. Departments in an area or county can combine to receive one training day. Dustin’s information is below and ASA can assist with communication with your local first responders if needed. There is a fee for the training and Dustin Chandler and ASA will work with departments to identify funding sources.

Contact: Dustin Chandler

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 205-447-7998

or contact Bama Hager at the Autism Society of Alabama for further details.